Where to stay in Krakow


Kraków, one of the oldest cities in Poland, offers a rich tapestry of history, culture, and modernity. As a former royal capital, its architectural marvels and cobblestone streets tell stories of a bygone era, seamlessly merging into the vibrant lifestyle of contemporary times. Whether you're here to delve into the past, soak in the arts, or savor the thriving culinary scene, this guide will help you find the perfect place to stay within Kraków's diverse neighborhoods. Each area has its unique charm and characteristics, some pulsing with the energy of nightlife and others offering tranquil parks and residential calm. From the trendy and bohemian to the historical and monumental, Kraków's neighborhoods cater to every type of traveler, but choosing the one that aligns with your needs and interests is crucial.

  • Old Town

    • 🏛️ historic
    • 📸 touristy
    • 🏙️ central
    • 🥂 upscale

    Old Town is the historical heart of Kraków, where medieval landmarks such as Wawel Castle and St. Mary's Basilica are located. It's ideal for first-time visitors who want to be in the center of the action. While you'll find many premium accommodations here, remember that it can be quite crowded and noisy, and prices for both lodgings and restaurants tend to be higher.

  • Kazimierz

    • 🎭 cultural
    • 🏛️ historic
    • 🍷 nightlife
    • 🎨 artsy
    • 🕶️ hipster

    Kazimierz, once the historic Jewish Quarter, is now a cultural hotspot teeming with galleries, hip cafes, and unique shops. It's known for its vibrant street art, bustling marketplaces, and compelling history. The nightlife is dynamic, with plenty of bars and restaurants. That said, it can get noisy, particularly on weekends, so consider this if you're a light sleeper or prefer quiet evenings.

  • Kleparz

    • local
    • 🏘️ residential
    • 🧘 quiet
    • convenient

    Kleparz is a smaller, less touristy area just north of the Old Town. It is home to local markets and everyday Kraków life. The proximity to Old Town means you can easily walk to the main attractions, but you'll enjoy more peaceful nights. The downside is that you might not have as many accommodations to choose from compared to more popular spots.

  • Stradom

    • 🏘️ residential
    • 🧘 quiet
    • local
    • accessible

    Stradom offers a quieter respite, located between Kazimierz and Old Town. While it has fewer tourist sights, the local atmosphere is palpable, and you're never too far from the key attractions. Stradom is more residential and can be a good option for a less hectic stay. On the downside, dining and nightlife options within Stradom are limited.

  • Piasek

    • 🎓 student
    • 🕺 lively
    • affordable
    • youthful

    Piasek is known for its academic institutions and student population, giving it a youthful and lively atmosphere. This area has affordable accommodation options and a good selection of eateries catering to the student crowd. It's also conveniently located near the Old Town. However, visitors might find it lacks significant landmarks and tourist amenities.

  • Nowy Świat

    • 🏘️ residential
    • relaxed
    • contemporary
    • budget-friendly

    Nowy Świat is a relatively modern and less crowded part of Kraków, offering a more relaxed experience compared to the city's historical areas. It has a mixed urban vibe with both residential and commercial spaces. Visitors can find mid-range accommodation and good access to public transportation here. However, beware that it lacks the charm of the older districts and might not be the best fit for those seeking a traditional cultural experience.