Where to stay in Siem Reap


Siem Reap, a city famous for its proximity to the ancient ruins of Angkor Wat, offers an eclectic range of neighborhoods that cater to various preferences for travelers. Whether you’re looking for a cozy neighborhood with a sense of local life, a bustling area filled with nightlife and shopping, or a tranquil spot close to historical sites, this guide will help you navigate the different areas of Siem Reap to find the perfect place for your stay. It’s important to choose a base that provides comfort and enhances your experience of this culturally rich region. While we aim to provide you with the best aspects of each district, we’ll also share some of the downsides, ensuring that you make an informed decision.

  • Pub Street

    • 🍷 nightlife
    • πŸ•Ί lively
    • πŸ“Έ touristy
    • πŸ’΅ expensive

    Pub Street is the epicenter of Siem Reap's nightlife, packed with bars, clubs, and restaurants that cater primarily to tourists. This area is perfect for those looking to party and enjoy the city's vibrant night scene. However, it's not recommended for those searching for tranquility or a more authentic Cambodian experience. The noise levels can be high, and prices are often inflated due to the area's popularity. Close proximity to other attractions is a plus for daytime exploration.

  • Old Market

    • πŸ›οΈ shopping
    • 🍝 food
    • 🎭 cultural
    • πŸ‘« busy
    • noisy

    The Old Market area, also known as Psar Chas, is a commercial and touristic hub of Siem Reap. Visitors can enjoy many dining options, shopping, and spas by day. The nearby night markets offer unique souvenirs and street food experiences. The convenience of location comes at the cost of larger crowds and being quite touristy. The proximity to Pub Street means noise can spill over into the later hours, which might not suit those seeking a restful night.

  • Old French Quarter

    • πŸ₯‚ upscale
    • colonial
    • charming
    • boutique
    • 🧘 quiet

    The Old French Quarter exudes colonial charm with its tree-lined streets and French-style architecture. This historic neighborhood provides a romantic backdrop for visitors, featuring high-end restaurants and exquisite boutiques. Accommodations range from luxury hotels to charming colonial-era guesthouses. While picturesque, it can be pricier than other areas but offers a more refined and cultured experience. Nightlife is limited, and it's a calmer area compared to the vibrant parts of the city.

  • Wat Bo

    • 🏘️ residential
    • 🧘 quiet
    • local
    • πŸ§˜β€β™€οΈ peaceful

    Wat Bo is a quieter neighborhood with a more residential feel, offering a peaceful atmosphere away from the buzz of the city center. It's home to various guesthouses and boutique hotels typically set in lush gardens. The area boasts a mix of local restaurants and small cafes, but it is less suited for those seeking lively nightlife. The namesake Wat Bo Temple adds a cultural touchpoint to the area. Visitors should be aware that getting to major attractions involves a short tuk-tuk ride.

  • Charles de Gaulle Boulevard

    • πŸ₯‚ upscale
    • convenient
    • πŸ—½ sightseeing
    • 🧘 quiet

    Charles de Gaulle Boulevard is a main thoroughfare with larger hotels and resorts, catering to those who prefer more comfort and amenities. The area runs towards the Angkor Archaeological Park, making it a prime location for visitors planning extensive temple exploration. However, it is a bit removed from Siem Reap's cultural and culinary heart, meaning you're more likely to dine in your hotel than in local eateries. While it's less congested than the city center, the area lacks the charm of more traditional neighborhoods.

  • Taphul Village

    • 🏘️ residential
    • affordable
    • πŸ™οΈ central
    • authentic

    Taphul Village is a vibrant area with a local feel, offering budget-friendly accommodation options that appeal to backpackers and travelers. The neighborhood has a bustling atmosphere with street food vendors and local markets. While it gives an authentic Cambodian experience, it may lack the polish of more touristic areas and can be noisier due to its lively nature. It's conveniently located near major roads leading to Angkor Wat, compensating for adventure-seekers drawbacks.