Where to stay in Cannes


Cannes, a shining jewel on the French Riviera, embodies the epitome of glamour and elegance. Renowned for its prestigious film festival, luxurious yachts, and boutique-lined boulevards, it's a destination synonymous with the finer things in life. But behind the allure, Cannes is a diverse city with various neighborhoods catering to different interests and budgets. Choosing the right area to stay is crucial for an enjoyable visit, as each neighborhood offers a unique vibe and experience. This guide aims to provide an honest look at some of Cannes' most prominent areas, helping you decide where to lay your head during your Riviera retreat based on your preferences and expectations.

  • La Croisette

    • πŸ₯‚ upscale
    • πŸ›οΈ shopping
    • πŸ’Ž luxury
    • πŸ“Έ touristy
    • beachfront
    • glamorous

    La Croisette is Cannes' most famous promenade, lined with palm trees and bordered by sandy beaches on one side and luxury boutiques and posh hotels on the other. It epitomizes Cannes' luxurious façade, offering stunning sea views and a taste of the high life. This area is perfect for those looking for upscale accommodation and a prestigious atmosphere. On the flip side, La Croisette is one of the most expensive parts of town, which might not be compatible with every budget, and the scene can sometimes feel a bit too exclusive, potentially lacking the authentic charm of less 'polished' districts.

  • Ctre Ville / Center

    • 🍷 nightlife
    • πŸ›οΈ shopping
    • 🍝 food
    • πŸ™οΈ central
    • convenient
    • πŸ‘« busy

    Ctre Ville, or the city center, is the pulsating heart of Cannes where the ambiance is lively and the streets never sleep. This neighborhood is a hub for shopping, dining, and entertainment, with close proximity to the main attractions such as the Palais des Festivals. It's an ideal choice for travelers who want to be in the thick of the action and enjoy easy access to everything. However, it's worth noting that the convenience comes with higher noise levels, and the area can feel crowded, especially during festival periods or peak tourist season. Accommodation options range from luxury hotels to modest apartments.

  • Le Suquet / Old Town

    • πŸ›οΈ historic
    • πŸŒ… scenic
    • 🧘 quiet
    • 🎭 cultural
    • traditional

    Le Suquet, or the Old Town of Cannes, is the historic heart of the city, exuding medieval charm with its winding cobblestone lanes and picturesque buildings. It's the place to stay for those yearning for a quiet escape steeped in history. The vistas from this hilltop quarter are breathtaking, and its quaint restaurants offer some of the most authentic local cuisines. Nevertheless, potential downsides include navigating steep streets, which might be challenging for some, and the night-time offerings, which are comparatively quieter than in other areas of Cannes.

  • La Bocca

    • 🏘️ residential
    • budget-friendly
    • relaxed
    • local
    • πŸ–οΈ beach

    La Bocca is a more laid-back and suburban area of Cannes, situated to the west of the city center. It's a great option for those seeking a more residential vibe away from the tourist hustle. The neighborhood boasts a diverse population and is known for its local markets and less crowded beaches. However, it's further removed from the main attractions, which might require reliance on public transport or long walks. Also, while it is more budget-friendly, it lacks the glamour and luxury found in more central areas of Cannes.