Where to stay in Bohol


Bohol is a lush and historically rich island province of the Philippines known for its stunning geography, from pristine beaches to the iconic Chocolate Hills. As a popular destination for tourists, it offers a diverse range of attractions and accommodations that cater to different tastes and preferences, whether you're seeking adventure, relaxation, or a bit of local culture. With each neighborhood offering a unique vibe and experience, understanding the characteristics of where to stay is crucial in planning your trip. Our guide aims to provide an honest look at the most popular areas in Bohol so you can make an informed decision that enhances your visit to this beautiful island.

  • Panglao Island

    • beaches
    • 🍷 nightlife
    • diving
    • πŸ“Έ touristy
    • 🀼 crowded
    • convenient

    Panglao Island is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Bohol, known for its vibrant coral reefs, diving spots, and lively atmosphere. Areas like Alona Beach have a variety of resorts, restaurants, and bars catering to those looking for a mix of relaxation and nightlife. However, it can become crowded, and the area's popularity sometimes leads to higher prices. Its tourist-centric vibe might not appeal to those seeking an authentic cultural experience. Despite this, Panglao remains a top choice for convenience, activities, and beach access.

  • Tagbilaran

    • urban
    • πŸ›οΈ shopping
    • 🍝 food
    • convenience
    • noisy
    • πŸ‘« busy

    Tagbilaran is the capital city of Bohol and serves as the main gateway for visitors to the island. You'll find a mix of local life and tourist conveniences, including various hotels, restaurants, and shopping areas. As the urban heart of Bohol, it offers more activity and buzz compared to other more laid-back towns on the island. However, Tagbilaran is not known for its beaches, and its urban environment might not be the idyllic tropical setting some travelers seek. The traffic and noise levels can also be higher compared to more secluded areas.

  • Anda

    • beaches
    • secluded
    • snorkeling
    • 🦭 laid-back
    • remote

    Anda is a small town on the eastern tip of Bohol known for its white-sand beaches and crystal-clear waters, ideal for beach lovers and snorkelers. The vibe in Anda is laid-back, and it's less crowded than Panglao Island, making it a great getaway for those seeking serenity and natural beauty. Accommodations range from budget to mid-range resorts. However, Anda is quite remote and can be a considerable distance from other attractions in Bohol, which could be a downside for travelers who want to explore the island extensively.

  • Loboc

    • 🎭 cultural
    • 🌳 nature
    • 🧘 quiet
    • remote
    • limited accommodations

    Loboc is famous for its scenic river and is a hub for cultural and outdoor activities. It is an excellent area for those interested in experiencing the local culture, including the Loboc Children's Choir and the historic Loboc Church. The river cruises are a major draw, offering a peaceful view of the jungle-lined banks. While Loboc brings you closer to nature and culture, nightlife here is virtually non-existent, and accommodation options are more limited and tend to be rustic. Additionally, it is relatively remote, meaning more travel time to other island attractions.

  • Carmen

    • rural
    • 🌳 nature
    • 🧘 quiet
    • limited dining
    • limited nightlife

    The town of Carmen is best known as the home of the Chocolate Hills, one of Bohol's most famous natural landmarks. It's a quieter, more rural area that offers a break from busy tourist spots. For those interested in geology or picturesque landscapes, Carmen is a great place to stay. However, nighttime entertainment and dining options are limited. The area offers fewer accommodations, and travelers must travel to other parts of the island for varied activities and experiences.

  • Jagna

    • local
    • traditional
    • untouristed
    • beaches
    • 🧘 quiet

    Jagna is a coastal town located on the southern coast of Bohol known for its traditional feel and local festivities, such as the Sinu-og Estokada festival. It’s less touristy than other areas, offering a glimpse into the everyday life of Boholanos. While it provides access to some beaches and marine sanctuaries, it lacks the variety of tourist facilities in busier areas. Travelers seeking quiet and an untouristed experience will appreciate Jagna, but those looking for luxury may find it lacking. Be prepared for fewer amenities and a slower pace of life.